Robert Peate, Author

“Thought needs the most provoking.”

Robert Peate is an Oregon-based author who addresses social issues in novels, short stories, plays, essays, and occasionally poetry.  Work available at all fine bookstores and online.

“I look forward to reading it [Sisyphus Shrugged] and sharing it with my staff and colleagues in Congress.”
—Nancy Pelosi

“Imaginative and memorable.  I really liked it [“Ancestral Home”].”
—Donald C. Johanson

“Thank you for the creative and empathetic portrayal in ‘Sisters’.”
—Nkechi “Rachel Doležal” Diallo

“You and I are cursed with the need to create literary fiction.”
—Robin Stratton, author of Of Men and Zen

“You do deep dives!”
—Deven Green, aka Betty Bowers

“You’re kind of a male Margaret Atwood, hopping genres and writing deep stories.”

—Sandra Fulbright-Myers

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“A story is an opportunity to explore an issue or a moral dilemma. We do not write stories to entertain; we write stories to teach—and learn—and feel.”