[This next piece is the perfect example of why I oppose “Show Don’t Tell”.  Sometimes this is all one needs.  There is no reason to stretch a story such as this out unless adapting it for cinema or television.

Written circa 9:00 p.m. on December 27, 2018.]


One day I woke to learn that millions of people had become cannibals overnight.  One of my wife’s cousins announced that he wanted to eat us.  He took no violent action, but we stopped associating with him.  Apparently he expected us to help him eat us, or at least to let him do so.  We declined.

On television and the Internet we soon learned that millions of Americans suddenly developed a taste for the flesh of their fellow humans, though the majority of us had not developed that taste and did not afterward.  We did our best to stop the self-declared cannibals from eating anyone, though of course some foolish persons actually allowed others to eat them.  This accomplished nothing, and the cannibals who had eaten other human beings only wanted more.

The mental hospitals and asylums were emptied of less-urgent cases and filled to capacity with cannibals from coast to coast.  Unfortunately, all too many of the cannibals occupied positions of power in our government.  They passed laws to allow themselves to eat other human beings.  The anti-cannibal party did what it could to resist the cannibals, but millions were eaten legally.  Cannibals were declared a protected class and released from all asylums and hospitals.  Orphans were eaten first, then anyone else powerless to resist.  Cannibal judges approved these moves.  Non-cannibal judges did not, so safety depended completely upon where one lived.  Roving bands of cannibal police officers arrested and ate non-cannibals.  When they ran out of non-cannibals, they ate each other.

Soon the nation had sunk into warfare, the cannibals (who had been nonviolent at first) and the non-cannibals.  The cannibals suffered one disadvantage, which was an incentive to subdue opponents without rendering them inedible, whereas the noncannibals suffered no such disadvantage, destroying cannibals without regard to damage inflicted or methods used.  Eventually the noncannibals won due to sheer numerical superiority, but the damage to our nation had been great.