Too Serious: Essays

“You’re a terrific writer.  Sadly, some won’t listen just because of your melanin deficiency, but others will.”

“Your essay makes some solid points, and I love the examples you added from your own experiences and conversations. I’m sure there are some sections that will turn off or turn on the reader, depending on what their own mindset is, but it’s a nice contribution to the dialogue as a whole, and I hope you get some good feedback from it.”

— Nkechi Diallo, author of In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World

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Left to right: original cover, second cover, third cover

I have written on various topics for school, work, and pleasure my entire life.  In 2008 I took an essay-writing class under Susan Reese at Portland State University, and she taught me that essays can be as creative as fictive works.  In 2017 I started writing essays that I considered worth sharing on a more regular basis than before, and in November of 2018 I decided to collect my recent essays into one volume, titled, appropriately enough, Essays.  Essay titles:

Why I Almost Cut My Penis Off
Binary Morality by Beverly Garside
CENSORED: a Review
Responsibility in Communication
Life is Cheap
Little Boy, Mon Amour
The Fear of Self
“Literally” Explained
Oppressing the Privileged
Race and Rachel Doležal
Confessions of a Patriarch