Jar Half Full (2017)

D. Willson, the author of The Fruit of Her Spirit (2014), recently released the second edition of her memoir Jar Half Full, detailing her religious upbringing in Michigan, her studying abroad in South Africa, her struggle with bulimia, dating, and eventual happiness.  The book is filled with enjoyable anecdotes and insights about humanity, God, and Ms. Willson herself.  I had the privilege to edit both the first and second editions of this memoir three years apart, and I recommend it to anyone interested in great memoir.  Ms. Willson is brilliant, humorous, and poignant, and her style is contemporary and informal.










After reworking and rearranging several chapters in advance of her second edition, Ms. Willson said, “I wanted to have this book in better shape before I publish another one in the future.  I’m feeling much better about it.  I appreciate your insight and keen eyes. Thank you!”  As much as I enjoyed her first edition, I find her additions and changes (including a new afterword) have improved upon this excellent work.

To purchase or read more about it, visit Amazon here.

Of her intellectual journey regarding God I said to Ms. Willson:

“Your writing lays bare the gaping hole filled by religion but poorly: the lack of love of itself that curses Humanity.  God is a plug to fill the hole, but he does so poorly, as your writing attests.  Only when one realizes this can one realize the true problem and begin to accept oneself.  We are not flawed sinners in need of a higher power, we are human beings in need of self-acceptance.  We need to reject those who would make us feel we need external validation.  Religion is a sick lie to trick people into feeling inadequate that they might be controlled.  That you escaped its clutches is a testament to your brilliance.  That doing so did not feel wrong to you is a testament to your conscience.  That love assisted and supported you is proof that God is unnecessary.”