The Lightcap (2013)


I had the honor of editing The Lightcap, Dan Marshall’s debut science-fiction novel, which as of this writing is number three on Amazon’s Cyberpunk Science Fiction chart.

One part of this was asking Dan to explain why or how certain things were happening.  He would say, “Well, that’s because of X.”  I would say, “But you didn’t say that.”  Then he would add the background explanation, so the reader would know what he knew but hadn’t written.

Dan said after we had completed our work:

“You made my book readable. You’re truly a master!  . . .  I love the questions you ask, because it makes me think more about the world in the book, the characters, and why things are happening in a certain way. . . . The editing really helped me be proud of the finished product.”



Robert and Dan editing The Lightcap, March 23, 2013,
photo by Courtney Stoneburg.



Robert and Dan August 6, 2016,
photo by Robin Peate.


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