Mister Negative and Other Stories

“I love that Mister Negative is not afraid to speak his mind. Most of us go through every day biting our own tongues so as not to offend anyone. I would think it would be highly cathartic to be able to simply say what you want.”–Carolyn Zeller

This is my first collection of short stories, written from 2008 to 2012.










The story “Chasing Kerouac” depicts one man’s obsession with finding a lost piece of writing by author Jack Kerouac.

“Neighbors” revolves around another man’s less constructive obsession with what goes on behind a neighbor’s closed doors.

“A Perfect World” is the story of a girl who travels to a world where everything is perfect.

“The Deity” addresses the question of what a universe with a loving supreme being would look like.

“Mister Negative” is the story of a man who says what he thinks no matter what happens or whom he offends.

“The Creeps” is my first serious ghost story.

These stories will stay with you long after you have put them down.


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