This is the least important page on my website. I have created it to answer the geniuses who ask me if I only do vanity publishing or if other human beings have published my work. It’s ironic: on one hand, they are suggesting that my work can’t be good if I publish it myself (why?). On the other hand, they don’t really care if my work is good or not. They haven’t read my work; they just wish to insult it and me with the lie that only what is commercial is good. (Commercial publishing houses decide what is commercial now. They do not decide what is good. You do that, for yourself.)

“My Snow Day”, Oswego County Messenger, March 1, 1983

“Are Times Hard, or Are We?”, Oregon English Journal, Volume XXXII No 1, Spring 2010

“Poetic Justice”, Meat for Tea, Volume 14, Issue 2: Passionfruit (2020)

“Wilma”, Meat for Tea, Volume 15, Issue 2: Criadilla de Toro (2021)

About the same number of publications as Emily Dickinson.