Short Nonfiction

On this page you will find links to short pieces I have published online, available for you to read free.  The mix is a bit eclectic, which is a pretentious slang way of saying they vary.

“Oppressing the Privileged” is a piece I wrote to get people to stop shooting themselves in the foot.  I subsequently added it to my collection Increasingly Incoherent Departures from the Norm.

“The Fear of Self” is a piece I wrote critiquing Cosmic Horror.

“Little Boy, Mon Amour” is an essay I wrote defending President Truman’s decision to use atomic weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

“Romeo’s Impulsivity” is a sample essay draft I wrote while teaching ninth-grade English, to benefit my students.

“CENSORED: a Review” is a review I wrote of Jay Sizemore’s poetry collection CENSORED.

The title “Why I Almost Cut My Penis Off” could not be more self-explanatory.

“Altruism: Coercion for the Common Good” is a piece I wrote against Ayn Rand’s views.