Short Fiction

I have released three collections of short fiction and am currently finishing up my fourth while planning my fifth. Recently I have been overwhelmed with inspiration and cannot seem to stop writing short stories, apparently making up for lost time!  These are the three released collections:

My fourth collection of short stories, The Time Before, is coming in 2018.  Here is a sneak peek at the cover.


Perpetual Motion, Inc.
A Fresh Beat
The Mistake
Sisters Afterword
Nonfiction: Responsibility in Communication
Education II
The Time Before, or the Process of Human Ingenuity
The Death Penalty
Untitled Mystery
Nonfiction: Life is Cheap
Expedition Notebook

And a special guest contribution.

Four of the stories above are currently unfinished.  When I finish them, I will release the collection.

My third collection of short stories, written from September to December 2017 in the biggest burst of short-story creativity of my life.


“The War” asks, “What if the war between the sexes were a REAL WAR?”

“The Attack” is my first horror story.  No spoilers!

“Perma-Rest” is a science-fiction story depicting too much of a good thing.

“Education” was inspired by students telling me school is like prison.

“Separation” shows a society without punishment.

Includes the nonfiction pieces “Homework” and “Punishment”.



My second collection of short stories, written from 2012 to 2017.

“Mister Positive” is the story of a man who always looks on the bright side.

“The Vegans” explores the morality of eating humans.

“Asking Why” the sexes are segregated can be a dangerous thing to do.

“Compromises” is a love story across the boundary of oppression.

“Libertarian Bed & Breakfast” asks, “At what price good service?”

“Solitude” depicts a man learning how terrible it is not to care about others.

Includes the short pieces “Roy” (a Blade Runner prequel) and “Three-Paragraph Story”.



“I love that Mister Negative is not afraid to speak his mind. Most of us go through every day biting our own tongues so as not to offend anyone. I would think it would be highly cathartic to be able to simply say what you want.”–Carolyn Zeller

My first collection of short stories, written from 2008 to 2012.


The story “Chasing Kerouac” depicts one man’s obsession with finding a lost piece of writing by author Jack Kerouac.

“Neighbors” revolves around another man’s less constructive obsession with what goes on behind a neighbor’s closed doors.

“A Perfect World” is the story of a girl who travels to a world where everything is perfect.

“The Deity” addresses the question of what a universe with a loving supreme being would look like.

“Mister Negative” is the story of a man who says what he thinks no matter what happens or whom he offends.

“The Creeps” is my first serious ghost story.

These stories will stay with you long after you have put them down.

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