The Gentle Tara Tales

Tara is a seventh-grade girl living in Aurora, Ontario.  One day Tara meets a magical butterfly, who introduces her to a secret world of magical animals, changing her life forever.  This series, begun in 1999, has grown to include four books which, taken together, form the Gentle Tara Tales.


Book One, Gentle Tara and the Butter-Fly Ride, introduces Tara to the world of magical animals and a lesson about privacy.  In 2015 my daughter, Claire (pictured with me above on June 23, 2016), drew a scene from the story, and I added it to the book.


Book Two, Gentle Tara and the Haunted House, is much darker, involving Tara in a murder mystery and a trip across the Ocean to lay an injustice to rest.  THIS TITLE IS CURRENTLY UNFINISHED.


Book Three, Gentle Tara and the Bloodstone Locket, expands the magical world and confronts Tara with her greatest danger.


Book Four, Gentle Tara and the Wizard War, concludes the story begun in Book Three and brings the series to its exciting climax.  THIS TITLE IS CURRENTLY UNFINISHED.

Butterfly Paperback

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