The Sun Children

SunChildren__FRONT“If I believe it’s Havo’s will for me to die, I will die. If I believe He wants me to do something else, I will do something else. I am not afraid to die.”

Over a century after darkness was defeated and the Day of Our Sun Havo began, unexplained infertility has reduced Terra’s population by billions.  As Church scientists labor to find the cause and a cure, each year the Church of Havo sacrifices ten people to show Humanity’s devotion to Havo and earn a reprieve, a reprieve which has yet to come.

137 years AD (After Daybreak), Provincia Americae Cascadia selects Clovia Nerva, a devout young woman of twenty-three, as one of its latest Offerings.  She feels blessed to meet her maker, but the Church may regret its choice forever.