The Sun Children

Venia Havonis et venia vestra gentem nostram salvabitis.

“What a wonderful story.  What an awesome journey Clovia had.  . . . Couldn’t put it down.”
—Rick Labus, beta reader



“If I believe it’s Havo’s will for me to die, I will die. If I believe He wants me to do something else, I will do something else. I am not afraid to die.”

After the Havians took over the Roman Catholic Church, the Night ended and the Day of Our Sun Havo began.  Now, over a century after Darkness was defeated, unexplained infertility has reduced Terra’s population by billions, and Church scientists labor to find the cause and a cure.  To show Humanity’s devotion and earn a reprieve, a reprieve which has yet to come, each year the Church of Havo sacrifices ten people to the Sun God.

137 years After the Day, Provincia Americae Cascadiae selects Clovia Nervina, a devout young woman of twenty-three, as one of its latest Offerings.  She feels blessed to meet her maker, but Church leaders may regret their choice forever.

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IMG_4743This story began in 2013, when, inspired by both The Handmaid’s Tale (mass infertility) and The Hunger Games (human sacrifice and in the first person), I decided to write a Young Adult anti-theocracy dystopian science-fiction novel.  I had already written a play to challenge Christianity (The Recovery), but I wanted to take on religion in general.  As I wrote, it became more sophisticated and perhaps less YA.  In this work every evil of theocracy is on display, along with every fallacy of logic.  However, the heart of the story is the mental and physical journey of the protagonist, as she goes from blind follower to . . .

“It kept my interest down to the last page, and it does seem to cry out for a sequel or maybe a prequel . . . It was a really good read.”
—Alan Milner, beta reader