The Sun Children (2020)

Venia Havonis et venia vestra gentem nostram salvabitis.

“Hefty in insight and detail.  Steadfastly clear and powerful.  You are blessed.”
—Howard McCord, author of The Man Who Walked to the Moon


“If I believe it’s Havo’s will for me to die, I will die. If I believe He wants me to do something else, I will do something else. I am not afraid to die.”

SunChildren__FRONTOver two centuries after Darkness was defeated and the Day of Our Sun Havo began, unexplained infertility has reduced Terra’s population by billions.  As Church scientists labor to find the cause and a cure, each year the Church of Havo sacrifices ten persons to the Sun God Havo to show Humanity’s devotion and earn a reprieve, a reprieve which has yet to come.  The ten are sent on a shuttle into the Sun.  In 237 AD (After the Day), Provincia Americae Cascadiae selects Clovia Nervina, a devout young woman of twenty-three, as one of its latest Offerings.  She feels blessed to meet her maker, but Church leaders may regret their choice forever.