The Sun Children (forthcoming)

SCCover160830137 years after darkness was defeated and the Day of Our Sun Havo began, decades of unexplained worldwide infertility have reduced Terra’s population by billions.  As Church scientists labor to find the cause and a cure, each year the Church of Havo sacrifices ten people to show Humanity’s devotion to Havo and earn a reprieve, a reprieve which has yet to come.  This year, Provincia Cascadia selects Clovia Nerva, a devout young woman of twenty-three, as its latest Offering.  She feels blessed to meet her maker, but the Church may regret its choice forever.

The Sun Children is Robert Peate’s anti-theocratic dystopian science fiction novel, set in what we would consider 2553 AD.

This story is currently being written with a goal of 2017 release.

The prologue and first chapter are available as free previews on