I am a licensed Language Arts and ESL teacher in the Portland, Oregon, area, and I am available to tutor students in English and mathematics, as I have been doing for years.  If you are interested in tutoring for your child or yourself, please contact me.  My schedule is busy, but I am always happy to try to accommodate someone eager to learn.

Phone: (971) 258-6250

Email: rpeate@gmail.com


“Mr. Peate tutored my son, a sophomore in high school, in English. They focused mainly on developing his writing skills and working on essays needed for classes. Mr. Peate did a wonderful job of establishing rapport with my son and creating an easy-going work environment. My son benefited from Mr. Peate’s direction and ideas for writing. Mr. Peate was flexible when scheduling sessions and kept in good communication with me as to what had been accomplished and what my son’s next steps should be. Mr. Peate’s familiarity with the schools and classrooms in the area because of his substitute teaching make him a valuable tutor for a student needing extra support.”

Lisa Bolan, Oregon City